About Us

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    Sean started the Honolulu Crypto Meetup group in December 2020. He is the author of the book 'The Story of Money: The Journey from Shells and Shekels to Bills and Bitcoin' and has created several other educational materials related to money, finance, and crypto.
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    Born and raised in Kaneohe, Alika became interested in crypto around 2017. By developing his understanding about what money is and the overarching forces that play on our economy, he realized how crypto could help towards the betterment of the lives of locals here in Hawaii.
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    Having a knack for problem solving and after repeated inquiries on the how's and where's to buy certain cryptocurrencies, he decided to build a website that that is both beginner and expert friendly. Dustin is the author of most of our written articles (coming very soon!) on the site.
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