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The pages below are educational resources that we wrote to help introduce you to crypto concepts.

What is a cryptocurrency?

What is a blockchain?

What is a wallet?

Crypto SecurityRead

Understanding Taxes

Beginner Resources

Links to other websites to help you broaden your understanding of the crypto space.

  • Coinbase Learn

    Learn the basics of many different aspects of crypto in the Coinbase learning center.

  • Andreas Antonopoulos

    Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the best speakers about Bitcoin and open systems in the world. Check out some of his videos here.

  • Ultimate Security Guide For Crypto Beginners

    What are some ways to secure your coins protect yourself against hackers and attacks?

  • Common Scams And How To Avoid Them

    There are a lot of scammers in crypto. Be wary of everything.

  • The Latecomers Guide To Crypto

    A (surprisingly) good piece from the New York Times about crypto.

  • The (Edited) Latecomers Guide To Crypto

    This is crypto and you need to learn to be skeptical. Check out this reaction to the NYT piece by an industry insider. 

  • Crypto For Beginners Reading List

    Looking for more reading lists? This is the place to go. There's a lot of good content in here even if you're experienced in the space. 

  • The Beginners Guide To Bitcoin

    A fantastic 17-part podcast series about everything Bitcoin.

NFT's: Non-Fungible Tokens

Everything you could want to know about NFTs.

  • A Beginner's Guide To NFTs

    A great starting place for learning more about NFTs.

  • The Non-Fungible Token Bible

    Everything you need to know about NFTs. Posted on OpenSea. 

  • CoinFund's NFT Thesis

    CoinFund believes that all digital content is going on-chain. A good insight into how some people in the industry are thinking about NFTs.

  • NFTs 101

    A massive piece with the thesis that NFT's are a generational invention. This will take you about two hours to read, so make a glass of tea and settle in for a while. 

  • The New Economy Of Digital Creativity

    NFTs are not just about profile pictures of pixelated images. This is a good piece on the art aspect of NFTs.

  • The World According To Punk 6529

    Punk6529 is a leading thinker in the crypto and NFT space (and a great Twitter follow). This is a fantastic interview - one of our favorites. The video does require a free subscription to watch.

  • More Reads on NFTs...

    One crypto analyst - Mason Nystrom - compiled his favorite list of NFT reads in a Twitter thread.

DeFi - Decentralized Finance

Dip your toes into the world of DeFi. 

  • A Beginner's Guide To DeFi

    Start your journey into DeFi here.

  • A DeFi Crash Course For Normies

    Learn more about DeFi and the ways it will continue to develop in the future.

  • Going Bankless - The Ultimate Guide

    A roadmap to the wild west of open finance. You won't get it all at once, but just keep learning if you find it interesting.

  • What is DeFi? provides a good introduction to DeFi.

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